Triumph Tiger 955i Problems – Advance Bike Rider Advice

The motorcycle enthusiast in you will enjoy riding a fast and powerful motorcycle. The Tiger 955i is one such motorcycle. It is a high-performance motorcycle that is ideal for riding at high speeds.

Triumph Motorcycles has unveiled the new 955i, a modern interpretation of its iconic Tiger. The 955i combines classic styling with cutting-edge technology, featuring a SOHC 865cc engine that produces 48 horsepower and 44 pound-feet of torque. It also includes various modern features, such as ABS, electronic ride modes, a rider information center, and traction control.

With its powerful engine, it makes for an exhilarating ride. But before riding the Tiger 955i, it is vital to check out the common problems associated with it and how to fix them. Here we’ll cover all you need to know about the motorcycle Triumph Tiger 955i problems and provide expert advice on how to repair it.

Triumph Tiger 955i Problems

A Brief Overview Of Triumph Tiger 955i

A Brief Overview Of Triumph Tiger 955i

People know the Triumph Tiger 955i as a popular motorcycle for its power and versatility. It features a 955cc three-cylinder engine that delivers strong acceleration and a smooth ride. With its comfortable seating position and adjustable suspension, it is suitable for both long-distance touring and off-road adventures. The Tiger 955i also comes equipped with advanced safety features such as ABS brakes and traction control, making it a reliable choice for riders of all skill levels.



Engine Type

Liquid-cooled, 4-stroke, inline 3-cylinder


955 cc

Maximum Power

104 hp @ 9,200 rpm

Maximum Torque

96 Nm @ 6,500 rpm



Front Suspension

Showa 43mm upside-down forks, adjustable preload, compression, and rebound damping

Rear Suspension

Showa monoshock with adjustable preload and rebound damping

Front Brake

Twin 320mm floating discs, 4-piston calipers

Rear Brake

Single 285mm disc, 2-piston caliper

Front Tire

110/80 R19

Rear Tire

150/70 R17

Fuel Capacity

22 liters

Dry Weight

198 kg

Seat Height

840 mm


1,533 mm

Top Speed

Approx. 225 km/h



  • Powerful Engine
  • Versatile Riding
  • Stylish Design
  • Exceptional Handling


  • Maintenance Cost

Triumph Tiger 955i Problems And How To Fix Them

Triumph Tiger 955i Problems And How To Fix Them

Using ethanol-infused gas and poor-quality oil can cause the issue of the punched piston for owners of the Triumph Tiger 955i. Riding the motorcycle with a bent or damaged cam chain could also cause the misalignment of valves. This error in timing could lead to engine damage, so it is important to take preventive measures and monitor your bike’s performance. A worn-out cam chain can also cause problems. When this part fails, it doesn’t provide proper tension on the timing belt, causing various issues such as blown head gaskets and damaged valves.

Triumph Tiger 955i Performance Issues

The Triumph Tiger 955i is popular for its performance issues, including problems with its regulator/rectifier, stator, cam chain tensioner, engine whine noise, and dead battery issues. A popular solution to the performance issues of the Triumph Tiger 955i has been replacing the stator with an aftermarket or third-party replacement stator. This can reduce the rectifier’s workload and boost its efficiency.

Other common solutions include ethanol-infused gas and changing the oil regularly to ensure good quality. Due to a complicated warranty policy, owners have reported difficulty receiving warranty claims from their dealers. Additionally, an aftermarket or third-party stator can be a potential solution for some performance issues of the motorcycle.

Electrical Problems With Triumph Tiger 955i

Electrical Problems With Triumph Tiger 955i

The common cause of electrical problems with a Triumph Tiger 955i is a faulty regulator/rectifier. If the charging system is not working properly, it will result in various issues, such as hard starting, no-starts, or low battery charge. The stator and regulator/rectifier are heat-sensitive and may require an aftermarket or third-party replacement.

Additionally, if the stator and regulator/rectifier are damaged, you may need to replace them. When these components fail, you must inspect them using a multimeter to check for any shorts or faults in the charging system. Overall, if you are experiencing problems with your Triumph Tiger 955i, ensure that all electrical components function correctly by inspecting them using a multimeter.

Engine Overheating

One common problem owners of the Triumph Tiger 955i may encounter is engine overheating. A variety of factors, including a clogged throttle or a fuel tank that is not properly vented, can cause this. To fix this issue, it is important first to check the throttle and clean it if necessary. Additionally, you can help to prevent overheating by ensuring that you properly vent the fuel tank.

If these steps do not resolve the problem, it may be necessary to seek professional assistance from a mechanic who specializes in Triumph motorcycles.

Clutch Slipping

A common problem riders may encounter with the Triumph Tiger 955i is clutch slipping. A worn clutch plate can cause this or improper clutch cable adjustment. You may need to replace the clutch plate or adjust the cable tension to fix this issue. We also recommend regularly cleaning and replacing the air filters to ensure optimal bike performance. Despite these potential issues, riders looking for a reliable and powerful adventure bike know the Triumph Tiger 955i for its comfortable ride.

Suspension Problems

One common problem that Triumph Tiger 955i owners may experience is suspension issues. Due to its heavy bike build, the bike’s suspension may not provide the desired level of comfort or stability. You can address this by adjusting the suspension settings or considering aftermarket upgrades for improved performance.

Additionally, some riders have reported throttle body issues, such as poor idling or uneven power delivery. Regularly maintaining and cleaning the throttle bodies can help prevent these problems, and if issues persist, we recommend seeking professional assistance from a mechanic specializing in Triumph motorcycles.

Brake System Malfunctions

Brake System Malfunctions

One common problem owners of the Triumph Tiger 955i adventure bike may encounter is brake system malfunctions. This can include spongy brakes, brake fade, or a loss of braking power. To fix these problems, experts recommend checking the brake fluid levels first and ensuring they are correct. If the fluid is low, you may need to top it up or replace it.

It is also important to inspect the brake pads and rotors for any signs of wear or damage and replace them if necessary. Additionally, bleeding the brake system can help remove any air bubbles affecting its performance. For tall bike riders, adjusting the brake lever position may also improve comfort and control while riding.

Fuel Efficiency Concerns

Another common problem that Triumph Tiger 955i owners may encounter is fuel efficiency concerns. The motor of this sports bike can consume more fuel than expected, leading to decreased mileage and increased costs. To fix this issue, there are a few steps you can take. First, make sure you properly maintain and service your bike regularly. This includes cleaning or replacing the air filter, checking the spark plugs, and ensuring the fuel injectors are clean. Additionally, consider adjusting your riding style to be more fuel-efficient, such as avoiding excessive acceleration and maintaining a steady speed.

Chain And Sprocket Wear

One common problem Triumph Tiger 955i owners may encounter is chain and sprocket wear. Over time, the chain and sprockets can become worn down, leading to decreased performance and potential safety issues. To fix this problem, inspecting and maintaining the chain and sprockets regularly is important. This includes cleaning and lubricating the chain and replacing worn or damaged components. It is also recommended to periodically check and adjust the throttle balance and replace the oil filter to ensure optimal performance of the Triumph Tiger 955i.

Faulty Gear Shifting

One common problem that Triumph Tiger 955i owners may encounter is faulty gear shifting, particularly with the 6th gear. Some riders have reported experiencing a clunky gear shift or difficulty engaging the 6th gear smoothly. Factors such as worn-out shift forks or a misadjusted clutch can contribute to this issue. To fix this problem, we recommend having a qualified mechanic inspect the bike, who can diagnose and address the specific cause of the faulty gear shifting.

Parts Replacement

Triumph introduced the Tiger 955i in 2001 and superseded it with the 1050 model in 2006. Due to its age, the bike has several issues and problems that can be easily remedied with the right replacement parts. You can find reasonable prices for replacement parts for the Tiger online. Making it easy to maintain and repair your motorcycle. If you are looking for a powerful motorcycle that is reliable and easy to maintain, the Tiger 955i is an excellent option. Whether you are riding alone or with friends and family, this classic motorcycle will quickly become a favorite.

Upgrades And Modifications

Upgrades And Modifications

One of the most common modifications and upgrades to a Triumph Tiger 955i is to improve performance and handling. Upgrading the exhaust will give you a throatier sound and better acceleration. Modifying the suspension can help improve handling on uneven roads. Engine enhancements are also common, such as upgrading the air intake or exhaust system with a free-flow system. Replacing the stock clutch with a racing clutch can increase power at high RPM.

Furthermore, several aftermarket parts can be installed on your Triumph Tiger 955i to enhance its looks and performance. Installing alloy wheels or a body kit will make your motorcycle look more aggressive and fit in with modern trends.

Get Expert Advice From Experienced Riders

If you own a Triumph Tiger 955i motorcycle and are looking for expert advice, you can do a few things to ensure you get the most out of your ride. First, adhere to the break-in period when purchasing a new Tiger 955i. This will ensure the bike is properly broken in and has time to adjust to its new rider. After riding the Tiger for a few days, change your oil every 5,000 miles to keep it running smoothly and efficiently.

This will help protect the engine from damage and keep it functioning well. Also, be sure to maintain your Tiger’s tire pressure and replace them when the tread is worn. Finally, keep your chain drive clean, lubed, and tightened according to the owner’s manual. This will help ensure that your Tiger’s engine runs smoothly and efficiently. Following these simple tips and practicing good riding habits, you can get the most out of your ride and enjoy riding your Tiger for years.

Maintenance And Repair Cost

Maintenance And Repair Cost

The Triumph Tiger 955i is a reliable, high-performing motorcycle with few reported problems. The maintenance costs of this motorcycle are relatively high, especially compared to other dual-sport motorcycles. Typical maintenance costs include replacing the tires (500 dollars a set) and stator replacement (220 dollars).

Other common items that may require maintenance include the battery (100 dollars), chain and sprockets (175 dollars), fork seals, bushings, snap rings, washers, dust seals, and fluid (150 dollars). Maintaining your Triumph Tiger 955i will help ensure its longevity and performance.

Is Triumph 955i Reliable?

The Triumph Tiger 955i is generally considered to be a reliable motorcycle. However, it can experience its fair share of problems, like any vehicle. One common issue owners report is a faulty idle control, which can result in the engine stalling or running rough at low speeds. To fix this problem, it is recommended to have the idle control system inspected and potentially replaced if necessary. Another complaint from some riders is discomfort in the ride position, particularly on longer journeys. This can be addressed by adjusting the handlebars and seat position to find a more comfortable riding posture.


The Tiger is known for its comfortable riding position and powerful engine. If you want to ride an affordable motorcycle that gets the job done, this motorcycle is an excellent choice. Although there are no major problems with the Tiger, it is important to maintain it to ensure it runs smoothly. A few regular maintenance tips could help keep your Tiger running well and avoid any issues in the future. However, if you have your Triumph Tiger 955i problems, don’t hesitate to get in touch professionally. By doing so, you can get help resolving the issue as quickly and efficiently as possible.


Is Triumph 955i Reliable?

The Triumph 955i has generally been considered a reliable motorcycle, with many owners reporting positive experiences and few major issues. However, like any vehicle, regular maintenance and care are important for ensuring optimal performance and longevity.

Are Triumph Tiger Reliable?

Yes, Triumph Tiger motorcycles are generally considered to be reliable. They have a reputation for durability and performance, making them a popular choice among adventure riders.

What Is The Fuel Range Of The Tiger 955i?

The fuel range of the Tiger 955i can vary depending on factors such as riding conditions and individual riding habits, but it typically has a range of around 150-200 miles per tank.

What Is The Top Speed Of The Triumph Tiger 955i?

Triumph Tiger motorcycles are known for their durability and longevity. With proper maintenance and care, a Triumph Tiger motorcycle can last for many years and potentially reach high mileage.

Which Triumph Is Strongest?

The Triumph Rocket 3 is considered one of the strongest motorcycles in the Triumph lineup. Its massive 2,500cc engine delivers impressive power and torque, making it a beast on the road.

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