Solving Triumph Sprint ST 955i Problems – Expert Tips & Advice

The Triumph Sprint ST 955i is a sporty, nimble, and practical car that can be safely driven. This is thanks to the spacious interior, composed body, and smooth drive.

The cold engine is powerful and delivers power when needed, while the transmission provides a good power ratio to control. The suspension has been tuned to deliver a comfortable ride while maintaining stability. Overall, the Triumph carbon Sprint ST 955i is a great choice for an affordable, fun-to-drive car.

The 955i is powered by a 1.4-liter TFSI engine capable of delivering 148 HP and torque of 192 Nm. It also comes with a 6-speed manual transmission. If you’re having trouble with your car and are looking for expert advice, read on to find out how to diagnose Triumph Sprint ST 955i problems.

Triumph Sprint ST 955i Problems

A Brief Overview Of Triumph Sprint ST 955i

A Brief Overview Of Triumph Sprint ST 955i

The Triumph Sprint ST 955i is a remarkable motorcycle that offers a unique blend of performance, style, and functionality. Its powerful engine and sleek design make it popular among riders seeking a thrilling riding experience. The 955cc inline-three engine, combined with a smooth six-speed transmission, allows for seamless acceleration and effortless cruising at high speeds.

Here is Triumph Sprint ST 955i  specifications chart: 

Specification Details
Engine 955cc, liquid-cooled, inline-3
Power 123 hp @ 9,100 rpm
Torque 74 lb-ft @ 6,700 rpm
Transmission 6-speed
Front Suspension 43mm Showa cartridge forks
Rear Suspension Monoshock with adjustable preload
Front Brake Dual 320mm floating discs
Rear Brake Single 255mm disc
Front Tire 120/70 ZR17
Rear Tire 180/55 ZR17
Seat Height 805mm (31.7 inches)
Weight 218 kg (481 lbs)
Fuel Capacity 20 liters (5.3 gallons)
Top Speed 155 mph
0-60 mph 3.4 seconds
Colors Available Jet Black, Caspian Blue, Tornado Red
Price Varies depending on year and condition



  • Powerful engine
  • Sporty handling
  • Comfortable touring capabilities
  • Reliable build quality


  • Limited fuel capacity
  • Limited storage options

What Are The Problems With Triumph Sprint St 955i?

The Triumph Sprint ST 955i has garnered a significant following among motorcycle enthusiasts thanks to its sleek design and impressive performance. However, like any machine, this model is not without its flaws. The electrical system is one of the most commonly reported problems with the Triumph Sprint ST 955i. Some owners have experienced issues with the bike’s wiring, leading to intermittent power loss or electrical malfunctions.

Triumph Sprint st 955i may have the following problems:

  • The engine may not start when put into gear with the clutch pressed in.
  • Excessive heat can come up from the engine on the right side.
  • The engine light may not come on when running on only two cylinders.
  • They returned the engine in 2002, increasing power from 108 to 118bhp.
  • Triumph discontinued the Sprint St 955i in 2004, so it is no longer available for purchase or repair.

How To Diagnose Triumph Sprint ST 955i Problems

How To Diagnose Triumph Sprint ST 955i Problems

There are several common problems with a Triumph Sprint ST 955i. High voltage output, power dips, problems starting, high beams not working, dead battery, and instrument cluster not working may be symptoms of a failing regulator/rectifier.

Hard start/no start, engine misfires, battery charging issues, flickering lights, and the flickering display may be symptoms of a failing stator. Cam chain slap, noisy ticking sound, and bike stalling may be signs of a tensioner issue or improperly adjusted cam chain. It’s vital to have your bike repaired by a qualified technician if any of these issues occur to avoid further damage to the motorcycle. Below we discuss how to diagnose Triumph Sprint ST 955i Problems.

Checking The Battery, Fuel, And Oil Levels

If you’re having issues with your Triumph Sprint St 955i, there are some simple checks you can do to ensure it’s functioning properly. First, check the battery level using a multimeter by connecting it in a reverse V shape and testing for a specific voltage. If the reading is within the specified value, the battery is fully charged and working correctly.

Next, verify that the fuel gauge on the dashboard accurately displays the fuel pump level by checking if it remains consistent over time. Additionally, inspect the battery terminals for any signs of corrosion or damage. Lastly, examine the voltage output of the regulator/rectifier to determine if it needs to be replaced. These basic steps will help maintain optimal performance for your motorcycle.

Checking For Blown Fuses

Checking For Blown Fuses

If the battery’s voltage is insufficient to power the bike, you may have a faulty regulator/rectifier. You can use a multimeter to check for shorts or faults in the charging system. Shorted diodes in the rectifier can lead to power loss and low battery voltage. Check for blown fuses. Turn the ignition to ON and check all fuses for proper operation. Replace any that are not working properly.

Start by turning the key to the ON position and checking all fuses for proper operation. Replacing any that are not working properly. Next, turn the key to the OFF position and try starting the vehicle again. If it starts without problems, check the spark plugs for an improper gap or carbon buildup (a sign of a misfiring cylinder engine). If necessary, replace them with new ones.

Checking For Water In The Fuel Lines

When diagnosing problems with the Triumph Sprint ST 955i, one common issue owners may encounter is water in the fuel lines. This can cause performance issues and be concerning. However, checking for water in the fuel lines can be easily done by following a few steps.

Ensure a safe working environment by parking the motorcycle on a level surface, switching off the engine, and wearing protective gloves and eyewear. Locate the fuel lines near the fuel tank and engine, inspecting them for moisture or water droplets. If water is present, address the issue promptly to avoid further engine damage. Confirm the presence of water by draining a small amount.

Testing The Starter Motor

If you are experiencing problems with your Triumph Sprint ST 955i starter motor, checking the battery and terminal connections is the step to diagnosing the issue. You can also test other starter system components to see if they work properly. Consider if the issue could be related to a low idle or bike cutting out when disengaging the clutch. If so, isolate the starter solenoid and check for alternator problems that could damage other components. Also, consider checking valve clearances and looking for an engine oil leak in the cylinder 1 spark plug tower. Once you have identified the source of your problem, you can troubleshoot it further and fix it quickly.

Testing The Speedometer And Odometer

Testing The Speedometer And Odometer

To maintain the smooth and accurate functioning of your Triumph Sprint ST 955i, it is crucial to regularly service and inspect the speedometers and odometers. By using software applications like TuneEcu, you can easily troubleshoot any issues that may arise.

Additionally, monitoring the octane ratings of your fuel is essential for proper speed sensor performance and accurate speedometer readings. Don’t forget to inspect your bike’s handlebars and other components to ensure consistent speedometer performance. Take immediate action if you notice any rough running or loss of speed. One common problem with the Triumph Sprint ST 955i is the clutch cable.

Checking For Wheel Alignment

There are several things to check when diagnosing motorcycle alignment problems. First, inspect the wheel for signs of poor alignment, such as uneven tire wear or bike pulling to one side. Check the condition of the battery and voltage output for signs of a failing regulator/rectifier.

Also, check the tensioner and cam chain for signs of wear, such as cam chain slap or ticking noise. Finally, inspect the headlights, as the standard Triumph Sprint ST headlights may be inadequate. To adjust the position of the silencer for easy wheel removal and ensure it is properly aligned, you may need to remove one nut from each fastener location. This will allow you to easily move the silencer in a precise position relative to the exhaust heat outlet.

Tips For Replacing Parts On Triumph Sprint ST 955i

Tips For Replacing Parts On Triumph Sprint ST 955i

When replacing parts on a Sprint ST 955i, it’s important to consider the potential issues that can arise. Consider replacing the stator if experiencing a dead battery, engine misfires, flickering lights, or other problems. This part outputs electricity to the motorcycle’s lights and instrument panel. It also may be damaged if it experiences faulty electrical connections or if the motorcycle experiences an electrical short.

This will result in poor performance and possibly an issue with the lights shutting off or going dim unexpectedly. When replacing parts on the motorcycle, it’s important to note any signs of wear and replace anything that appears defective. Doing so will ensure optimum performance and longevity for your bike.

Are Triumph sprints reliable?

People generally praise Triumph Sprints for their quality and reliability. Some owners have reported that the finish on Triumph sprint STs can flake off quickly, while others have had more positive experiences. People can upgrade Triumph sprints and add advanced technologies like traction control and AB.

Chain adjusters and brakes can seize on Triumph sprint STs. People recognize the Bonneville model as one of the most reliable Triumph motorcycles. Clutch switches play a crucial role in the functionality of the Triumph Sprint ST 955i. The engine gasket kit for the Triumph Sprint ST 955i is essential for maintaining the proper functioning of the motorcycle.


The 955i sold well in the United States, Mexico, and Canada but did not fare as well in other markets such as Japan and the United Kingdom. Although the Triumph Sprint ST 955i may have faced some issues, it is still a highly regarded motorcycle among riders.

While it’s important to acknowledge any potential problems, it’s also important to note that the manufacturer has addressed and improved these issues. Overall, the Triumph Sprint ST 955i is popular for its smooth ride, powerful engine, and sleek design. This motorcycle can provide a great riding experience for years with proper maintenance and care. If you encounter Triumph Sprint ST 955i Problems, don’t forget to consult a professional mechanic.  


Are Triumph Sprints Reliable?

Yes, Triumph Sprints are generally considered to be reliable motorcycles. They are known for their strong build quality, powerful engines, and good performance.

What Is The Top Speed Of A Triumph ST 955i?

The top speed of a Triumph ST 955i is approximately 150 mph. The Triumph ST 955i is a powerful, sleek motorcycle that has been a fan favorite for many years.

How Long Does The Triumph Engine Last?

On average, a well-maintained Triumph engine can last anywhere from 100,000 to 200,000 miles or more. Regular maintenance, timely oil changes, and adherence to manufacturer’s guidelines can help prolong the engine’s lifespan.

What Is The Full Meaning Of Triumph?

Triumph represents a state of success and triumph over adversity, often accompanied by elation and accomplishment. It signifies a moment of glory and triumph in one’s personal or professional life.

Does BMW Make Triumph?

No, Triumph is not made by BMW. Triumph is a British motorcycle brand founded in 1902, while BMW is a German automobile and motorcycle manufacturer founded in 1916.

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