Yamaha Majesty 400 Problems – Tips for Adventure Rider

The Yamaha Majesty 400 is a scooter released in 2003. It is a favourite among scooter enthusiasts for its reliable performance and affordable price tag.

Like other Yamaha scooters, the Majesty 400 is a two-wheeler with a motorcycle engine and a seat. The bike has an adjustable seat height and a handlebar height that can be adjusted to suit the rider’s height. The Yamaha majesty 400 motorcycles is a motorcycle with a unique history. The scooter was a big success and still enjoys a loyal following today.

If you plan to buy a scooter, consider the Majesty 400 instead. Its modern features and great performance make it one of the best scooters. Yamaha Majesty 400 problems riders face with their Yamaha Majesty 400 motorcycle. Here we will help riders fix these problems and enjoy their Yamaha Majesty 400 motorcycles.

Yamaha Majesty 400 Problems

A Brief Overview Of The Yamaha Majesty 400

A Brief Overview Of The Yamaha Majesty 400

The Yamaha Majesty 400 is a versatile and powerful scooter that combines style, comfort, and performance. Its sleek design and superior engineering offer a smooth and enjoyable riding experience for urban commuting and open-road journeys. Equipped with a 400cc engine, it delivers impressive power and acceleration. The automatic transmission ensures effortless shifting, while the spacious and ergonomic seating provides maximum comfort for riders and passengers. Safety is a top priority with the Majesty 400.

Here are the specifications chart of the bike: 

Specification Value
Engine Type Single-Cylinder, Liquid-Cooled
Displacement 400cc
Bore x Stroke 83.0mm x 73.0mm
Compression Ratio 10.6:1
Maximum Power 34.2 hp @ 7,250 rpm
Maximum Torque 35.7 Nm @ 6,000 rpm
Fuel System Fuel Injection
Ignition System TCI (Transistor Controlled Ignition)
Transmission V-Belt Automatic
Frame Type Tubular Steel
Front Suspension Telescopic Fork
Rear Suspension Swingarm
Front Brake Hydraulic Disc
Rear Brake Hydraulic Disc
Front Tire 120/80-14
Rear Tire 150/70-13
Overall Length 2,350mm
Overall Width 780mm
Overall Height 1,410mm
Seat Height 795mm
Wheelbase 1,590mm
Fuel Capacity 12 liters
Wet Weight 214 kg



  • Powerful engine with smooth acceleration
  • Comfortable and ergonomic seating position
  • Ample storage space for long trips
  • Stable and balanced handling


  • Relatively high fuel consumption compared

Yamaha Majesty 400 Problems And Solution

Yamaha Majesty 400 Problems And Solution

Solving Yamaha Majesty 400 problems can be a difficult process. Harsh riding conditions, worn-out parts, and faulty wiring are common problems with the Yamaha Majesty 400 motorcycles. Common potential issues include failed CDI, adjustment of the fuel Shad, scooter ignition problems, and electric start brake issues. It has a 500 CC single-cylinder engine of 4 stroke configuration with 13 HP power.

Majesty 400 has been receiving positive reviews from scooter enthusiasts since its release. It is available to purchase through a variety of dealerships across the country. Engine air filters are essential components in maintaining the performance of a vehicle. Regular air filter maintenance is essential for ensuring the optimal performance of your Yamaha Majesty 400.

Engine Problems

Engine problems with the Yamaha Majesty 400 include air filters and spark plugs. You must regularly maintain the engine to keep it in good condition, including changing the air filter, spark plugs, and oil. Engine cleaning and tuning can also help improve performance and Fuel economy efficiency.

If you do not do these properly, you could damage the engine. Engine repair is costly and requires professional mechanic expertise. The Yamaha Majesty 400 may experience issues with brake fluid leakage. The engine air filter cover on the Yamaha Majesty 400 is difficult to remove, causing inconvenience during maintenance. A dirty air filter can cause performance issues in a Yamaha Majesty 400. The Yamaha Majesty 400 is known to have issues with a faulty starter motor.

Wiring Problems

Wiring Problems

Wiring problems on Your Majesty 400 can lead to various issues, ranging from electrical noise and poor throttle response to the loss of power and missing shifts. The first step in diagnosing a wiring problem is thoroughly inspecting the wiring for damaged or frayed wires, corrosion, or other damage. If necessary, replace any damaged wires. Once you properly repair or replace the wiring, you can move on to the next step: determining the cause of the problem. Improper installation or use of aftermarket parts not designed for the bike cause most wiring issues.

In addition, improper connections between components can lead to issues like poor throttle response or no engine start after a fall. To troubleshoot a wiring problem, check for loose connections and damaged wires and replace any you find. Clean and grease connectors before re-installing them to ensure proper mating between components.

Carburetor Problems

The Yamaha Majesty 400 is a popular motorcycle prone to carburettor issues. Common problems include a misfiring engine, weak acceleration, and poor fuel efficiency. The motorcycle’s carburettor can be affected by several issues, including failing motorcycle CDI, worn or damaged spark plugs, and improper generator carb adjustment. In addition to carburettor problems, the OEM oil fuel pump chains for the Yamaha Majesty 400 are vulnerable to wear and tear. You must replace these chains regularly to ensure the engine’s performance lasts.

If you are experiencing difficulties with your Yamaha Majesty 400 motorcycles, addressing these issues as soon as possible is important. Besides regular maintenance such as oil changes and filter replacements, you should also replace your filters with high-performance filters every two to three months.

Clutch Problems

The Yamaha Majesty 400 DR.PULLEY CVT clutch assembly is available for purchase if you are experiencing problems with your clutch. Suppose you are experiencing transmission or engine problems. In that case, your Yamaha Majesty 400 Transmission Transfer Gear Shaft & Cover Case or Yamaha Majesty 400 Flywheel Fly Wheel Rotor electric starter Clutch may be to blame.

If you are experiencing any issues with your scooter, it could be a faulty CDI, spark plugs already gapped, adjustment of the scooter’s carburetor, or a broken generator. Additionally, if you are having difficulty starting your scooter or it is not running smoothly, it may be time to replace its stator or the electric scooter’s battery.

Suspension Problems

Suspension Problems

Suspension problems can be frustrating for all involved, especially when it involves a vehicle you’ve invested much time and money into. One of the most common suspension problems is wiring issues, which can increase noise or vibrations. If you’re concerned that your suspension might be acting up, here are some steps you can take to troubleshoot and fix the problem. Start by checking the connections between the control arms and springs for loose or damaged connectors.

If there are any issues, replace them with new ones. Next, inspect the control arm bushings for excessive play or damage. If you find any issues, replace them with new ones. Finally, look at the shock absorbers and verify they have proper clearance and oil coolant levels.

Faulty Electrical System

A 395cc, four-valve DOHC, liquid-cooled engine powers the 2005 Yamaha majesty 400. When troubleshooting faulty motorcycle CDIs, spark plugs are already gapped. Generator carb adjustment and scooter ignition problems can be a solution to resolving electrical system issues. The OEM flywheel and rotor starter clutch may be a source of the faulty electrical system.

In addition to these mechanical components, the DR.PULLEY CVT clutch is also a possible source of electrical component problems. If you are experiencing problems with your electrical system on your Majesty 400. It is crucial to troubleshoot the mechanical components before replacing them. If the problem persists. To resolve the electrical system issues, performing an electric scooter repair and stator replacement may be necessary.

Top Reasons Adventure Riders Love The Majesty 400

The Yamaha Majesty 400 is a scooter with a low centre of gravity, making it easy to ride for short and long distances. It has a 395cc, four-valve DOHC, liquid-cooled engine that can pump out 33.5hp and has a 3.7-gallon capacity fuel tank, allowing for a total of 185 miles of travel. This scooter has a quick throttle response due to its suction-type EFI system. It is also competitively priced for a 400cc scooter, making it an affordable choice for adventure riders.

The Majesty 400 features many safety features, such as ABS and cornering lights for added assurance of riding safety. Besides, its ergonomic design makes riding comfortable for extended periods without fatigue. Overall, the Majesty 400 is an efficient and reliable scooter that offers plenty of entertainment and value for money.

How Much Is A Yamaha Majesty 400 Worth?

How Much Is A Yamaha Majesty 400 Worth

The Yamaha Majesty 400 is a mid-size four-wheel drive vehicle that has been on the market for nearly two decades. The base price of the Majesty 400 is $5,799, which makes it slightly less expensive than many other mid-size vehicles.

However, this may change depending on the options and accessories added to your purchase. Factors such as location and market trends can influence the worth of the Yamaha Majesty 400. Prices may vary in regions due to market conditions and local demand. It is important to research and consider these regional variations when determining the value of the scooter. Fuel system issues can be a common problem with the Yamaha Majesty 400.


The Yamaha Majesty 400 is a fun motorcycle to ride and is a great option for new motorcycle riders who want a bike that offers a lot of power and value for their money. The Yamaha Majesty 400 is one of the most popular cruiser motorcycles on the market. It has a long history and has been praised for its comfortable ride, powerful engine, and stylish design. Yamaha Majesty 400 problems are not only common, but they can also be quite troublesome. This is why it is important to know the best way to deal with them as quickly and efficiently as possible.

By following the tips and advice here, you can identify and solve any problems that may arise with your Yamaha Majesty 400 quickly and efficiently. However, like any other motorcycle, it can experience problems from time to time.


Is Yamaha Majesty Reliable?

Yes, Yamaha Majesty is generally considered to be a reliable scooter. It is known for good build quality, durability, and long-lasting performance.

What Is The Top Speed Of A Yamaha Majesty 400?

The top rate of a Yamaha Majesty 400 is approximately 95 miles per hour. The Yamaha Majesty 400 is a powerful and stylish scooter that has captured the hearts of many riders.

What Is The Average Life Of A Yamaha?

The average life of a Yamaha motorcycle can vary depending on factors such as maintenance, usage, and model. However, a Yamaha motorcycle can last for several decades with proper care and regular maintenance.

How Good Is The Yamaha Engine?

Yamaha has a strong reputation in the motorsports industry, and their engines are used in a wide range of applications, including motorcycles, outboard motors, and power sports vehicles.

What Year Did Yamaha Get Fuel Injection?

Yamaha introduced fuel injection technology in their motorcycles in the year 1984. Yamaha, the Japanese motorcycle manufacturer, has been at the forefront of innovation in the industry since its inception in 1955.

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