Voyager Trike Kit Problems & How To Fix Them

The Voyager Trike Kit has gained a reputation as a popular and convenient way to transform a two-wheeled motorcycle into a three-wheeled vehicle. However, just like any mechanical device, it is not without its flaws and potential problems.

Over the years, numerous riders have shared their experiences and concerns about the Voyager Trike Kit, highlighting various issues and difficulties they have encountered while using it.

Here, we will delve deeper into Voyager Trike Kit Problems and provide expert insights and solutions to help riders overcome these challenges. Whether you are considering purchasing a Voyager Trike Kit or are already an owner, this comprehensive guide will provide you with valuable information to ensure a smooth and safe riding experience.

Voyager Trike Kit Problems

Voyager Trike Kit Problems And Solutions

Voyager Trike Kit Problems And Solutions

One of the key features of the Voyager Trike Kit is its seamless integration with various motorcycle models. This versatility allows riders to easily convert their two-wheeled motorcycles into three-wheeled trikes without compromising the original aesthetics or functionality of their bikes. Whether you own a cruiser, sport bike, or touring motorcycle, the Voyager Trike Kit delivers a seamless and comfortable transition.

Safety is of utmost importance when riding motorcycles, and the Voyager Trike Kit offers unparalleled stability on the road. With its innovative design and advanced engineering, this kit significantly reduces the risk of tipping over, especially during sharp turns or sudden stops.

Additionally, the enhanced traction provided by the dual rear wheels ensures optimal grip on different road surfaces, further enhancing the rider’s confidence and control. Here are Voyager Trike Kit Problems and Solutions:

1. Installation Issues

Installation Issues

One of the potential installation problems involves the axles. Ensure that you properly align and securely attach the axles to the motorcycle for optimal stability and safety. Another issue that may occur is related to air pressure. It is crucial to maintain the correct air pressure in the tires of both the motorcycle and the trike kit to ensure smooth handling and prevent any potential accidents.

Additionally, problems with rear shocks can also affect the performance of the trike kit. Proper adjustment and maintenance of the shocks are necessary for a comfortable ride. Checking and maintaining proper tire pressure is also essential for optimal performance and safety.

Lastly, you must ensure that you properly align and ensure the fork functions correctly for smooth steering and control. Paying attention to these installation issues can help avoid potential complications down the road and ensure a safe and enjoyable riding experience with your Voyager Trike Kit.

2. Handling And Stability Problems

Handling And Stability Problems

People often encounter handling and stability problems with Voyager Trike Kits. Various factors, such as the design and installation of the kit itself, as well as the compatibility with the motorcycle it is attached to, can cause these issues to arise.

One common reason for these problems is the added weight and altered centre of gravity caused by the trike conversion. This can affect the overall manoeuvrability and balance of the motorcycle, making it more challenging to handle, especially in tight turns or at higher speeds.

Additionally, the increased width of the trike can also impact stability, especially in windy conditions or when navigating uneven road surfaces. It is crucial to address these problems promptly to ensure a safe and enjoyable riding experience with a Voyager Trike Kit. Regular maintenance, proper adjustments, and seeking professional assistance can help mitigate handling and stability issues, improving overall safety and performance on the road.

3. Electrical And Wiring Troubles

Electrical and wiring troubles can be a common issue when dealing with Voyager Trike Kit problems. These troubles can arise due to various reasons, such as faulty connections, worn-out wires, or malfunctioning electrical components. When electrical issues occur,

it can lead to a range of problems, including the trike not starting, lights not working, or even complete system failure. It is crucial to address these problems promptly, as they can compromise the safety and functionality of the trike. We recommend seeking professional assistance from a qualified technician to diagnose and resolve any electrical and wiring troubles effectively.

4. Brake And Suspension Concerns

Brake And Suspension Concerns

Brake and suspension concerns are significant issues that can occur with Voyager Kits. These concerns mainly arise due to the added weight and modifications made to the original motorcycle when installing the trike conversion kit. One common problem that can cause decreased braking performance is inadequate brake callipers, worn brake pads, or improper brake fluid levels.

It is crucial to address these concerns promptly, as they can compromise the safety and handling of the vehicle. Additionally, suspension issues can occur, leading to a bumpy and unstable ride.

Worn-out shocks, misaligned suspension components, or insufficient weight distribution may contribute to these problems. Regular maintenance and inspections are essential to identify and resolve these brake and suspension concerns, ensuring a safe and enjoyable trike riding experience.

5. Durability Concerns

The Voyager Trike Kit has been experiencing some durability concerns recently. Many users have reported issues with various components of the kit, such as the frame, suspension, and steering mechanisms. These problems have raised concerns among owners, as they can greatly affect the safety and performance of the trike riders.

Some have complained about parts breaking or wearing out prematurely, leading to expensive repairs and frequent maintenance. It is important for potential buyers to carefully consider these durability concerns before investing in the Voyager Trike Kit, as it may not be the most reliable option for long-term use.

Alternative Trike Kit Options And Recommendations

Alternative Trike Kit Options And Recommendations

If you are experiencing problems with your Voyager Trike degree rake Kit and are looking for alternative options. There are a few alternative trike kits available on the market. Furthermore, some riders have also reported electrical problems with the Voyager Trike Kit. Here are some options and recommendations to consider:

  1. Lehman Trikes: Lehman Trikes offers a range of trike kits designed for various motorcycle tire models. They have a reputation for quality and durability.
  2. Motor Trike: The Motor Trike route is another popular manufacturer of trike conversion kits. They offer a wide range of options and have been in the industry for many years.
  3. Champion Trikes: Champion Trikes is known for its innovative designs and reliable products. They offer trike kits for different motorcycle brands and models.
  4. Roadsmith Trikes: Roadsmith Trikes specializes in trike conversions and offers kits that are known for their stability and handling.
  5. Frankenstein Trikes: Frankenstein Wheel Trikes is a well-established manufacturer known for their high-quality, American-made trike conversion rake kits.


After examining the various problems reported by owners of the Voyager Trike Kit, it is clear that some issues need to be addressed by the manufacturer. From stability concerns to installation difficulties, these problems cannot be overlooked.

However, it is also important to note that many riders have had positive experiences with the Voyager Trike Kit Problems Kit and have been able to enjoy a smoother and more stable ride.

We hope that the manufacturer takes note of these reported issues and works to improve their product’s overall quality and safety. As with any vehicle modification, it is always important to thoroughly research and carefully consider all options before making a purchase.


1.Are Voyager Trike Kits Universal?

Ans: No, Voyager trike kits are not universal. They are designed to be compatible with specific motorcycle models and may not fit or work properly on other models. It is important to check the compatibility of the trike kit with your motorcycle before making a purchase.

2.Does A Voyager Trike Kit Have A Reverse?

Ans: Yes, some Voyager trike kits do have reverse functionality. The availability of reverse varies depending on the specific model and manufacturer of the trike kit.

3.Where Are Voyager Trike Kits Made?

Ans: Voyager trike kits are made in the United States. However, despite their popularity among motorcycle enthusiasts, they are not without their fair share of problems. One common issue reported by users is the difficulty in properly installing the kit onto their motorcycles.

4.What Is The Best Trike Kit?

Ans: The best trike kit ultimately depends on the individual’s personal preferences and needs. Factors such as budget, desired features, and compatibility with the motorcycle are important considerations.

5.Does India Make Trikes?

Ans: Yes, Indian Motorcycle does make trikes. They offer a line of trikes called the Indian Roadmaster Trike, which features a powerful engine, comfortable seating, and stylish design.

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