How To Fix Triumph Tiger 900 Problems: Expert Solutions

The Triumph Tiger 900 has long been recognized as a versatile and powerful Adventure Bikes motorcycle, loved by riders worldwide.

However, even the most well-designed machines can face technical issues, and the Tiger 900 is no exception. In recent years, owners of this iconic premium bike have reported various problems, ranging from minor annoyances to potentially dangerous malfunctions.

These issues have attracted the attention of both riders and industry experts, prompting a closer examination of the Tiger 900’s performance and reliability. Here, we will look at the most common problems encountered by Triumph Tiger 900 owners, their causes, and possible solutions. So, let’s dive in and explore the world of Triumph Tiger 900 problems.

Triumph Tiger 900 Problems

Tips On How To Fix Triumph Tiger 900 Problems

Tips On How To Fix Triumph Tiger 900 Problems

People have also known the Triumph Tiger 900 to experience problems with the throttle. These problems could result in reduced engine power or increased bike noise. Other issues that riders have reported include failing cylinders and broken clutches. The interaction between the engine guards and the rider can also be problematic for the Triumph Tiger 900. Some riders have reported a burnt smell coming from their exhausts after riding their bikes for a long time, indicating an issue with the exhaust system. Below we discuss Triumph Tiger 900 problems.

Engine Troubles

When facing engine troubles with your Triumph Tiger 900 motorcycle, it’s important to tackle the issue promptly and efficiently. Regular maintenance is key to ensuring optimal performance. Adhere to recommended service intervals and perform routine checks on engine components such as the air filter, spark plugs, and fuel tank lines.

Replace worn-out parts immediately. For engine misfires or rough idling, check the fuel system, clean or replace clogged or leaking fuel injectors, and ensure the fuel pump is functioning properly. Overheating is another common issue that requires attention. Owners commonly report that the battery voltage of the Triumph Tiger 900 is a problem.

Suspension And Handling Problems

Suspension And Handling Problems

One common problem riders may encounter with the Triumph Tiger 900 is suspension and handling issues, which can impact the motorcycle’s performance and safety. To address these problems, it is important to regularly check the engine light and the suspension components for wear or damage and replace any faulty parts with genuine Triumph replacements.

Adjusting the suspension settings based on the rider’s weight and style of riding modes can also greatly improve the bike’s handling. Another crucial factor to consider is tire pressure, as incorrect pressure can lead to poor handling and reduced traction. Following the manufacturer’s recommended tire pressure and regularly checking the tires for good condition and sufficient tread depth is essential.

Transmission And Gearbox Troubles

Transmission And Gearbox Troubles

Triumph Tiger 900 owners may face frustrations with transmission and gearbox issues. However, having the right knowledge and guidance can resolve these problems efficiently. One common issue is difficulty gear shifting gears or gears slipping while riding, caused by factors like worn clutch plates, misadjusted clutch cable, or low transmission fluid levels. To address these problems, inspecting and replacing worn clutch lever plates, adjusting the clutch cable, and maintaining proper transmission fluid levels are important. Another problem owners may encounter is noise or vibration from the gearbox, likely due to worn bearings or gears that may require replacement.

Suspension Issues

One of this model’s common concerns is its suspension system. Due to its heavy weight and high center of gravity, the Tiger 900’s suspension system must be handled carefully and precisely. A worn or damaged shock absorber can lead to loss of cruise control or even a crash. In extreme cases, this may require the replacement of the entire suspension system, which can be quite costly. Pillion seats on the Triumph Tiger 900 have been reported to be uncomfortable for long rides. Frequent clutch slips can be a common issue with the Triumph Tiger 900.

Electrical Issues

Electrical Issues

If you own a Triumph Tiger 900 and are facing any issues with its electrical system, don’t worry! We’re here to help. While the Tiger 800 is a well-known machine, the 900 version has some powerful rivals in the Indian market. And since the 900 has been around for quite some time, there are bound to be some electrical issues.

First, it’s important to note that the Tiger 900 is not a naked bike. It has several accessories, such as a windscreen, saddlebags, and a luggage rack. These can add up to the bike’s overall weight and may contribute to its sluggish engine performance. The electric system on the Tiger 900 is highly complex and features several electronic features, such as traction control and anti-lock braking systems (ABS).

Gearbox Issues

Triumph’s Tiger 900 is a popular choice among motorcyclists, but there are always going to be issues that arise. One of the most common issues with Triumph’s Tiger 900 is the gearbox. The gearbox can become damaged over time and require repairs or replacement. If you notice any issues with your Tiger 900’s transmission, it may be time to replace it with a new one. Fuel economy is an important factor to consider when evaluating the performance of the Triumph Tiger 900.

Brake Issues

T-Series Triumph Tiger 900 Owners face brake issues among the most common problems. The main reasons for motorcycle brake issues could be worn-out brake pads, malfunctioning brakes, or a damaged brake master cylinder. However, brake repair is not as complicated as it seems. If you are facing any problems with your Triumph Tiger 900 brakes, let us know. We can provide the best possible solutions and advice to help you fix or eliminate your issue.

If you have doubts about your Triumph Tiger 900’s brake performance, you must book a diagnostic test at an authorized service center. This is a must before taking any other step to identify and rectify the cause of the problem.

Exhaust Issues

The Triumph Tiger 900 is a superb motorcycle with incredible performance and handling. However, like with any other vehicle, there are certain issues that you may encounter with your Tiger. One of the most common issues riders face with their Tigers is exhaust. Poor maintenance and inadequate cleaning of the muffler can cause this.

If you notice a strong, unpleasant odor from your bike’s exhaust, you should take it to a mechanic for inspection. A cracked or deteriorated muffler can cause serious damage to your engine vibration, resulting in a loss of power and increased repair costs.

TFT Screen Failure

TFT screen failure in the Triumph Tiger 900 can be frustrating. It is crucial to diagnose the cause, including software glitches or hardware malfunctions. Restarting the motorcycle and updating the software can often resolve the issue. If not, inspecting the hardware components and connections may be necessary. The Triumph Tiger 900 has been reported to experience issues with the 2nd gear. Moto Guzzi is an Italian motorcycle brand known for its unique style and craftsmanship.

Too Heavy For Technical Offroading

Too Heavy For Technical Offroading

Regarding technical offroading, the weight of the Triumph Tiger 900 can be a challenge. However, there are ways to address this issue. Firstly, removing unnecessary accessories and luggage can reduce the bike’s weight. Additionally, lighter aftermarket pipe parts can also help. Secondly, adjusting the suspension settings and upgrading to offroad-specific components can greatly enhance performance. By implementing these tips, you can overcome the challenges associated with the Triumph Tiger 900’s weight during off-road adventures. The heated seat switch on the Triumph Tiger 900 is a common source of problems.

Faulty Rear Reflectors

When encountering faulty clutch rear reflectors on your Triumph Tiger 900, follow these tips to address and resolve the problems. Inspect the reflectors for damage or misalignment and ensure they are securely attached. Replace any cracked or broken reflectors with genuine Triumph parts for optimal performance. Verify the connection between the reflectors and the electrical system, checking for any wiring issues or loose connections. Rewire or repair as necessary, following manufacturer guidelines.

Professional Services For Triumph Tiger 900 Repair

If you own a Triumph Tiger 900, it’s important to know how to fix these common issues. You must involve many parts and repairs to keep your bike running smoothly and properly. Whether your engine cooling is not starting, you may need to repair or replace the engine. However, your Triumph Tiger 900 is not running smoothly, and you may need to fix or replace the transmission.

If your Triumph Tiger 900 has electrical problems, you may need to repair or replace the wiring. If your Triumph Tiger 900 needs cosmetic repairs, you may need to have the paint corrected or replaced. Finally, if your Triumph Tiger 900 needs professional services, a qualified technician can help.

Safety Precautions When Working On A Triumph Tiger 900

Safety Precautions When Working On A Triumph Tiger 900

Ensure that a certified mechanic well-maintains and regularly inspects the Triumph Tiger 900. This will ensure that the motorcycle is safe and has no mechanical issues. Besides, a good mechanic can help you fix any problem in your Tiger 900 quickly and efficiently. Before working on your motorcycle, familiarize yourself with its service manual and troubleshoot any issues. Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for the break-in period for your bike. Also, check and replace the tires according to the recommended specifications.

Is The Triumph Tiger 900 reliable?

The Triumph Tiger 900 is generally considered reliable, with many owners reporting satisfaction with the bike. Although this may be localized and rare, some owners have reported engine management issues. Many owners recommend replacing the stock tires if you intend to ride off-road and removing the black plastic strips on the frame rails to avoid discomfort. The seats on the Triumph Tiger 900 could use some improvement. The heated seat on the Triumph Tiger 900 is a great feature for long rides, providing comfort and warmth.


The Tiger 900 has suspension components made of aluminum and magnesium to reduce weight. It also has a Brembo braking system with 4-piston brake calipers on the front and a 2-piston brake on the back. The Tiger 900 comes equipped with ABS and traction control systems to help keep the rider safe while riding it on the road.

The Tiger 900 is a great motorcycle for new and experienced riders, making it one of the most popular. It’s a reliable motorcycle with an amazing sound system, but as stated earlier, several things can go wrong. The Tiger 900 has been around for a while now, and many professional services offer repair options to motorcycle owners. To fix your Triumph Tiger 900 problems, visit the experts today.


Are Triumph Tigers Any Good?

Yes, Triumph Tigers are considered to be good motorcycles. They were popular for their powerful engines, excellent handling, and off-road capabilities.

How Long Do Triumph Tiger Motorcycles Last?

Triumph Tiger motorcycles typically last for several decades if properly maintained and serviced regularly. With proper care, these bikes can easily exceed 100,000 miles or more.

Does China Own Triumph?

Yes, Triumph Motorcycles Ltd. is owned by a Chinese company called BSA Company Limited, a Chinese multinational automotive manufacturing company Zhejiang Geely Holding Group subsidiary.

Where Is The Tiger 900 Made?

Hinckley, England, makes the Tiger 900. The Tiger 900 is a motorcycle that has captured the hearts of riders worldwide.

Is Triumph Tiger Good For Touring?

The Triumph Tiger is considered a great bike for touring due to its comfortable upright riding position, smooth power delivery, and excellent handling.

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