Suzuki M109R Problems- Get your Motorbike Running Right – Solve Problems Quickly!

The Suzuki M109R is a large displacement cruiser-style motorcycle. It features a powerful 1783cc, 4-stroke, DOHC, 54-degree V-twin engine. Ideally, the M109R is designed for riders to experience the power and performance of a cruise with aggressive styling.

Unfortunately, like all vehicles, the M109R is not without its problems. The common Suzuki M109R problems include the clutch getting hard to maneuver, problems with shifting gears, and driving shaft drive errors. All these problems result in an inferior riding experience. So, you should check and fix these problems to elevate your Suzuki riding experience.

Here, we will share some facts regarding the Suzuki M109R issues and problems experienced by owners. We will also demonstrate the solutions to get your motorbike running smoothly in no time. After reading them and with patience, you can get the M109R revving fresh and delicate.

A Brief Overview Of Suzuki M109R

The Suzuki M109R is an outstanding bike and a powerful cruiser motorcycle that has gained a significant following among motorcycle enthusiasts. With its sleek design, impressive performance, and robust 1783cc V-twin engine, the M109R offers lots of power and is considered a power cruiser. Its advanced fuel injection system ensures smooth and responsive acceleration, while the five-speed transmission provides seamless gear changes. The M109R also incorporates the latest technology to enhance the riding experience. Its distinctive styling, sleek lines, and bold chrome accents create an eye-catching presence on the road. With its comfortable seating position, the M109R is perfect for long rides and everyday commuting, despite the occasional clutch issue that may arise.


  • Engine: 1783cc, Vtwin
  • Power: 109 horsepower
  • Torque: 160 Nm
  • Fuel system: Fuel injection
  • Transmission: 5speed constant mesh
  • Suspension: Inverted telescopic front forks, link-type rear suspension
  • Brakes: Dual disc front brakes, single disc rear brake
  • Tires: Front 130/70R18, Rear 240/40R18
  • Weight: 347 kg (764 lbs)
  • Seat height: 705 mm (27.8 inches)
  • Fuel capacity: 19 liters (5.0 gallons)

Price Range

The average price of the Suzuki M109R is a topic of interest for motorcycle enthusiasts and potential buyers alike. Known for its powerful performance and sleek design, the M109R has become a top contender in the cruiser segment. Regarding pricing, the average cost of the Suzuki M109R can vary based on various factors such as location, dealership promotions, and optional features. On average, however, the base price of a new Suzuki M109R typically falls within the range of $14,000 to $15,000.

List Of Suzuki M109R Problems With Possible Fixes

The Suzuki M109R is known for its aggressive design and powerful motor. Thus, everyone loves it and its performance. Other attractive features include a low-slung chassis, adjustable suspension, wide handlebars, and an exposed fuel tank. With an iconic design and an unmistakable presence on the roads, the M109R is an impressive, awesome machine that will turn heads wherever it goes.

However, owners have reported three top problems with the motorcycle. It would be best if you addressed them quickly to be able to fix them. Otherwise, it will cause a performance drop, big time. Also, you should check the motorcycle for these problems if you plan to buy an older M109R. Here is a List of Suzuki M109R Problems.

Problem Name

What Happens

Possible Solution


Faulty Clutch

Hard clutch

Clean, adjust, or replace the clutch


Gear Shifting Problem


Bike stalls shifting gear from 1

Work with gearbox

Drive Shaft Error

Lowers torque

Lubricate driveshaft timely


These are the three most common problems of Suzuki M109R. The clutch becomes faulty due to ageing. Also, inaccurate or less lubrication can hurt its drive shaft. Finally, you will see the problem in shifting its gear from 1st to 2nd, especially at high speed. Let’s discuss these issues in detail:

Problem – 1: Faulty Clutch

You can properly change gears if you have a healthy cable clutch in your motorbike. A faulty cable clutch may cause gear switching so tough that it may lead to severe accidents. Unfortunately, several owners of M109R (especially 2006-2009 models) have faced multiple difficulties with their cable clutch control. Regularly inspecting and maintaining the cable clutch, including the spring, brake pads, and gear lever, is important to ensure smooth gear shifting.

Technically, the bike has slightly harder clutches than its counterparts. It has a slightly heavy clutch cable tensioner clutch instead of a hydraulic one. The hardness of this clutch makes shifting into second gear a bit tough. In 2010 models, Suzuki emphasized upgrading the clutch plates from a 5-plate unit to a 6-plate. It helped control the clutch quickly, and no problems appeared while shifting the gear.

Possible Solutions

 If it has residual and debris development, try cleaning it with WD-40 cleaner. It will bring the shine back. Also, a cleaner clutch will deliver better performance. If it is too worn out, try buying a new clutch set. You can get the clutch at around $25 to $35 from Suzuki stores. To adjust the wire tension, you can follow these processes:

  • First, pull out the rubber cover boot. It lies in front of the clutch lever. If you cannot find it, check your motorcycle user manual.
  • Then, take a small wrench and loosen the adjuster locknut. You will need an adjustable wrench or pliers set to unscrew the locknut.
  • Next, you may turn the adjuster out to fill any gap between the lever and its perch.
  • Now, try to pull the clutch lever in. Once you pull the clutch lever, place a coin in the gap.
  • Hold the coin in place and release the lever. It will ensure that the gap is in a specific distance without inaccuracy.
  • Continue screwing the adjuster in until you see the coin falls out. As you increase the pressure, the coin will come out, and the clutch will set into its place properly.
  • Finish the job by tightening the locknut and replacing the rubber cover. The rubber cover will be readily available in motorcycle shops.

Problem – 2: Gear Shifting Problem

Another problem people are talking about is the gear-shifting problem in the M109R Suzuki motorbike. A typical example of this issue is when the bike jumps into neutral gear when you try to shift fork seals into second gear while accelerating the bike. One example of this clutch basket issue is when the bike suddenly jumps into neutral gear while the rider tries to shift into second gear while accelerating. If you own a Suzuki M109R, be aware of a potential 2nd gear issue that some riders have reported. 2nd gear failure is a common issue reported by Suzuki M109R riders.

Possible Solutions:

If you want to purchase a Suzuki M109R, avoid the model years 2006-2009. Also, check out if the bike is run for low miles and has no history.

You may also work on gearbox rebuilding to solve the problem. Many owners have found their bikes running smoothly after changing their old gearboxes. Yet it is a bit expensive to work on the whole unit. So, you may contact the mechanic to identify the root of the problem to save money and time.

Problem – 3: Drive Shaft Error

The drive shaft is integral to the Suzuki M109R. It transmits torque from the engine rebuild to the wheels. You can synchronize the joints and adjust their angle or length to let them work perfectly. In the case of M109R, this is another common issue after riding the bike for a couple of thousands of miles. Usually, it happens when the rider pushes the drive shaft harder or does not maintain it. The “1st gear” is typically used to start a vehicle from a standstill or navigate through slow-moving traffic. The clutch shudder issues on the Suzuki M109R have been a common problem reported by many owners.

Possible Solutions:

All you need to do is to upkeep the drive shaft well with timely lubrication. You may also need to replace the damaged driveshaft and coupler. Suzuki recommends using their EC Star Full Synthetic oil and lubricator for their motorcycle. They claim these full synthetic lubricators keep the drive shaft in premium condition.

Some owners recommend using the right thread locker on the nuts. You may also replace the existing friction nuts as they also get loosed over time. After all, loosened nuts cause low torque, leading to driveshaft cracks.

Backrest Recalling Issue:

Although not a solvable problem, we had to mention the backrest problem issues for a few Suzuki M109R models. The mounting accessories and nuts for the backset were missing in a few bikes. It included:

  • 990A0-75148 and
  • 990A0-75148-BLK

Suzuki USA recalled the bikes from March 1, 2012, to April 21, 2015, production period because these parts were missing. They had to recall over 1000 Boulevard M109R during this period. These bikes had backrest installation issues, which caused rubbing on the rear tire. As a result, riders failed to control the bike well.

It caused the backrest to vibrate fiercely, causing discomfort in riders. But there is nothing to worry about now as the company has already solved the issue.


The problem happened due to missing bolts at the backrest. You may consider getting the larger 110M bolts to fix the seat. However, Suzuki offers a complete rehauling for the problem. Thus, you should consult the dealer and see how they can help you. The rear brake rotor on the Suzuki M109R has been known to wear out quickly.

Upon further examination of the issue, it has been determined that the root cause of the problem is the absence of bolts at the seat’s backrest. While often overlooked, this crucial component plays a vital role in ensuring the stability and functionality of the seat. The backrest is prone to misalignment without the proper bolts, causing discomfort and potential safety hazards for the driver and passengers.


These were the most notable Suzuki M109R problems that may have appeared then. However, cleaning the clutch and proper lubrication will solve the problems. Also, Suzuki Boulevard M109R will deliver superior performance with proper maintenance and lubrication. While some may have experienced problems, others have had positive experiences with this powerful and stylish bike. Ultimately, it is important for riders to carefully consider their needs and do thorough research before deciding to purchase the Suzuki M109R. The air filter in the Suzuki M109R is an essential component that helps maintain the engine’s performance and longevity. The approximate failure mileage of Suzuki M109R bikes has been a major concern among owners.


What is the fuel capacity of the M109R?

The fuel capacity of the M109R is one of the key features that sets it apart from other motorcycles on the market. With a capacity of approximately 4.9 gallons, this bike can go the distance without needing constant refuelling.

What size engine is in a m109?

It is not equipped with an engine as it relies on a chassis, typically the M109A6 Paladin, powered by a Cummins VTA-903T diesel engine. The VTA-903T is an 8.3 liter, turbocharged, six-cylinder engine that produces around 500 horsepower.

Is the m109 a good bike?

The M109 is considered a good bike by many riders due to its powerful performance, comfortable riding position, and stylish design. Its large engine and responsive handling offer a thrilling riding experience.

Are Suzuki cruisers reliable?

Suzuki cruisers have a reputation for being reliable motorcycles. They are known for their durability, performance, and long-lasting engines. Suzuki has a strong track record of producing quality motorcycles; their cruisers are no exception.

Is a Suzuki Boulevard a touring bike?

No, the Suzuki Boulevard is not typically considered a touring bike. It is more commonly categorized as a cruiser motorcycle, designed for relaxed and comfortable riding on city streets and highways.

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