A Troubleshooting Guide On Moto Guzzi V85tt Problems

A Moto Guzzi v85tt motorcycle is a beautiful machine that delivers an exhilarating ride. However, like any other machine, it can also encounter problems.

Motorcycle enthusiasts worldwide love Moto Guzzi bikes and for a good reason. They are beautiful machines that last long. However, like any other motorcycle, there are potential problems that owners need to be aware of.

Here we will discuss one such problem – the Moto Guzzi V85tt Problems. We’ll also discuss their corresponding solutions. So if you’re experiencing any issues with your Moto Guzzi v85tt, check out this information and find the solution that suits your needs.

Top 10 Moto Guzzi V85tt Problems With Proven Solutions

Top 10 Moto Guzzi V85tt Problems With Proven Solutions

If you’re experiencing problems with your Moto Guzzi V85tt, it’s important to identify the issue first. Remember that some issues may not be fixable, so it’s important to consult a professional if necessary. Finally, stay updated on the latest repairs and updates for your motorcycle.

1.Moto Guzzi V85TT 2020 Recall for Leaks and Footrests

Moto Guzzi V85TT 2020 Recall for Leaks and Footrests

In 2020, Moto Guzzi V85TT issued a recall for certain models due to various problems. One of the issues was leaks in the transmission, wheel, controls, and brake pads. The company also addressed problems with footrests and internal oil seals.

These issues can potentially affect the performance and safety of the motorcycle. Moto Guzzi has provided solutions to these problems, which may involve repairing or replacing affected parts. If you own a Moto Guzzi V85TT, you should check if your model is included in the recall and take appropriate action to ensure the reliability and functionality of your motorcycle.

2.Suspension Problems

Suspension Problems

The Moto Guzzi V85tt is a popular adventure motorcycle, but like any bike, it can experience its fair share of problems. One common issue reported by riders is problems with the suspension. Some riders have mentioned an unbalanced suspension, where the front and rear suspensions do not harmonize harmoniously.

People have reported another problem with fuel issues. Such as poor fuel consumption or difficulty starting the bike. Some riders have reported steering issues, with a wobbly or unstable feeling when riding. Lastly, some riders have encountered general suspension issues, including a lack of comfort or excessive bouncing.

3.Moto Guzzi Maintenance Icon Issues

Moto Guzzi Maintenance Icon Issues

One common problem Moto Guzzi V85tt owners may encounter is issues with the maintenance icon. This icon can sometimes appear on the dashboard, indicating that there may be a problem with the crank position sensor. If you experience this issue, having your motorcycle inspected and repaired by a qualified technician is important to prevent any potential loss of control while riding.

Additionally, some riders have reported problems with the valves per cylinder and seating position, which can cause discomfort or difficulty finding a comfortable riding position. Lastly, there have been reports of issues with the gear indicator not displaying the correct gear selection.

4.Wiring Issues

Wiring Issues

If your bike won’t start, it’s time to take it to a mechanic for inspection. Wiring problems can manifest in many ways, but the simplest way to check if a problem is by unplugging everything and trying again. If that still doesn’t work, you must have the bike checked out by a professional.

Remember that not all wiring problems are fixable – sometimes, it might be necessary to replace entire bike parts due to faulty wiring. So if you ever face this issue, don’t hesitate and seek help as soon as possible.

5.Wiring Diagrams – No Start

One common problem that Moto Guzzi V85tt owners may experience is issues with the wiring diagrams, resulting in a no-start situation. This can be frustrating and inconvenient, but proven solutions are available to resolve this problem. First, it is important to check all the electrical connections and ensure they are secure and free from corrosion or damage.

If any issues are found, they should be repaired or replaced as necessary. Additionally, referring to the motorcycle’s user manual or seeking assistance from a certified Moto Guzzi technician can help identify any specific wiring issues and provide guidance on how to fix them. By addressing wiring problems promptly and effectively, owners can ensure their V85tt starts smoothly and reliably.

6.Poor Fuel Economy

Poor Fuel Economy

If you want a motorcycle that offers excellent performance and looks good, too, the Moto Guzzi V85tt might not be the best option. This bike is popular because it suffers from poor fuel economy, which can lead to many problems. Here are some tips that can help improve fuel efficiency:

  • Check your riding habits and make sure you are riding at a comfortable speed.
  • Use air conditioning when it is hot outside; this will help reduce engine emissions.
  • Use low gear when driving in urban areas, reducing engine emissions.

7.Rough Idle

If your motorcycle has a rough idle and makes a lot of noise, it might be time for a new carburettor. A carburettor can become clogged with dirt, dust, or oil, which can cause the bike to idle erratically. Cleaning the carburettor regularly will help to prevent this from happening. If cleaning isn’t an option or if the problem persists even after cleaning, it may be necessary to replace the carburettor.

8.Low Fuel Level

If your bike doesn’t start, it’s probably because of a low fuel level. The best way to check is by checking the fuel level and topping up as needed. Ensure the air filter is clean and in good condition, disable “Eco” mode if you’re not using it, and finally – make sure the battery terminals are clean.

9.Crank Sensor Issues

Crank Sensor Issues

One common issue Moto Guzzi V85tt owners may encounter is crank sensor problems. This can cause various issues, such as performance issues, engine failure, and even difficulty starting the bike. To address this problem, we recommend checking the wiring connections and ensuring they are secure.

If the issue persists, it may be necessary to replace the crank sensor. Additionally, some owners have reported air filter issues and rear brake problems with the V85tt. However, it’s important to note that these problems are not widespread, and many owners still consider the V85tt a fantastic bike overall.

10.Air Filter Premature Wear

Air Filter Premature Wear

A common problem that Moto Guzzi V85tt owners may encounter is premature wear of the air filter. This can occur due to various factors, such as dust and debris entering the filter or improper maintenance. To address this issue, it is important to regularly inspect and clean the air filter according to the manufacturer’s guidelines.

Additionally, using a high-quality air filter can help extend its lifespan. If the air filter shows signs of significant wear or damage. You should replace it with a new one to ensure optimal performance and protect the engine from potential damage.

Should You Buy Used Moto Guzzi v85tt?

If you’re considering buying a used Moto Guzzi V85tt, there are a few factors to consider. First, you should research the bike’s history and maintenance records to ensure it has been well taken care of. Additionally, take a close look at the mileage and overall condition of the bike.

While Moto Guzzi motorcycles are popular for their durability and reliability, older models may require frequent maintenance and repairs. Finally, compare prices of used V85tt bikes to ensure you’re getting a fair deal. Ultimately, buying a used Moto Guzzi V85tt can be a great option for those looking for an adventure-ready motorcycle at a more affordable price point.

Do I Need Other Parts To Fix Or Replace The Engine On My Motto Guzzi V85tt?

Do I Need Other Parts To Fix Or Replace The Engine On My Motto Guzzi V85tt

Generally, you must replace the piston, crankshaft, cylinder heads, spark plugs, and wires on your Moto Guzzi V85tt engine. By carefully considering below these factors, you can ensure that any repairs or replacements to the engine of your Moto Guzzi V85TT are carried out with the utmost precision and effectiveness. Here’s a list of some of the most common parts that may need to be replaced:

  • Piston: This part of the engine makes the bike move forward. It is made of metal, and it can wear out over time.
  • Crankshaft: The crankshaft helps turn the pistons and can also become damaged over time.
  • Cylinder Heads: This is where the fuel entering the engine is combusted and turned into power.


The Moto Guzzi V85TT is a classic design that combines beautiful lines with a stunning performance. Equipped with a powerful engine and excellent handling, it is perfect for cruising on the open road. This motorcycle is also popular for its legendary reliability and durability, which means you can trust it to take you where you want to go without any problems.

If you’re having problems starting your Moto Guzzi v85tt, this troubleshooting guide will help you fix the issue. By following the steps listed, you should be able to know Moto Guzzi V85tt Problems. Ultimately, buying a used Moto Guzzi V85tt can be a great option for those looking for an adventure-ready motorcycle at a more affordable price point.


Are Moto Guzzi V85 Reliable?

Owners and reviewers have generally reported Moto Guzzi V85 motorcycles as reliable. However, like any vehicle, regular maintenance and proper care are important for ensuring long-term reliability.

What Is The Mileage Of The Moto Guzzi V85 TT?

The Moto Guzzi V85 TT’s mileage can vary depending on factors such as riding conditions, maintenance, and riding style. On average, you can expect a mileage of around 45-50 miles per gallon (mpg) with this motorcycle.

What Is The Fuel Consumption Of The Moto Guzzi V85?

The fuel consumption of the Moto Guzzi V85 can vary depending on factors such as riding conditions, speed, and maintenance. On average, people report that the Moto Guzzi V85 has a fuel consumption of around 45-50 miles per gallon.

Where Is The Moto Guzzi V85 TT Made?

The fuel consumption of the Moto Guzzi V85 can vary depending on factors such as riding conditions, speed, and maintenance. On average, the Moto Guzzi V85 is reported to have a fuel consumption of around 45-50 miles per gallon.

Is Moto Guzzi V85 TT Fuel Injected?

Yes, the Moto Guzzi V85 TT is fuel-injected. This means that it uses electronic fuel injection technology to deliver fuel to the engine for combustion, providing improved efficiency and performance compared to carbureted systems.

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