How To Fix Janus Motorcycle Problems: Best Solutions Ever

Janus Motorcycles have gained popularity in recent years for their vintage design and unique riding experience. However, like any other vehicle, Janus motorcycles are not immune to technical issues and malfunctions.

As a proud owner of a Janus motorcycle, it can be frustrating and worrisome when your beloved ride encounters problems. Whether it’s a mechanical issue or an electrical malfunction, it is crucial to address these problems promptly to ensure the safety and performance of your motorcycle.

Here, we will explore How To Fix Janus Motorcycle Problems. From engine troubles to electrical glitches, we will guide you through step-by-step instructions to troubleshoot and resolve these issues. With a professional tone, we will provide expert tips and advice to help you maintain and keep your Janus motorcycle in top shape.

Janus Motorcycle Problems

5 Common Janus Motorcycle Problems And Solutions

5 Common Janus Motorcycle Problems And Solutions

One of the key distinguishing features of Janus Motorcycles is their commitment to craftsmanship. Each motorcycle is meticulously built by hand in their Goshen, Indiana workshop, allowing for a level of precision and attention to detail that is often lacking in mass-produced motorcycles.

This dedication to quality is evident in every aspect of their motorcycles, from the carefully selected materials to the expertly executed finishes. The result is a visually stunning machine that not only captures the essence of the golden age of motorcycling but also performs at the highest level. Here are 7 steps on how to fix Janus motorcycle problems:

1. Less Powerful Engine

Less Powerful Engine

One common issue that Janus motorcycles may face is a less powerful engine. This can be quite frustrating for riders who are looking for a more thrilling and powerful riding experience. However, there are a few solutions to tackle this problem. One option is to consider upgrading the engine or seeking professional assistance to enhance its performance.






Janus Halcyon 450

Janus Halcyon 250

Janus Gryffin 250


4 stroke Single cylinder

4 stroke Single cylinder

4 stroke Single cylinder


445 CC EFI engine

229 CC Derbi Engine

229 CC Derbi Engine


26 lb-ft

11.65 lb-ft

11.65 lb-ft

Engine RPM

7500 RPM

5500 RPM

5500 RPM


30 HP

14 HP

14 HP

Top Speed

90 MPH

70 MPH

70 MPH

Weight of Bike

345 lbs

263 lbs

266 lbs

Fuel Tank Capacity

2 gallon

1.94 gallon

2 gallon

Fuel Average

55 mpg

75 mpg

70 mpg

Seat Height




Another solution could be to focus on improving the bike’s overall aerodynamics, which can help compensate for the lower engine power. Additionally, regular maintenance and tuning can also help optimize the engine’s performance and ensure it is running at its best. By addressing this common issue, Janus motorcycle owners can enjoy a more powerful and satisfying ride.

2. Insufficient Fuel Capacity

Insufficient Fuel Capacity

Another common problem with Janus motorcycles is insufficient fuel capacity. This can be frustrating for riders, especially on long journeys. To address this issue, one solution is to consider upgrading the fuel tank. A larger fuel tank will provide a greater storage capacity, allowing for longer rides without the need for frequent refuelling.

Additionally, it is important to regularly monitor the fuel levels and ensure that the fuel injection system is functioning properly. This will help optimize fuel economy and efficiency. Lastly, it is crucial to check the fuel delivery lines and ensure there are no leaks or blockages that may affect the fuel flow from the container to the engine.

3. Gear Shifting Is Not Smooth

A common problem experienced with the Janus motorcycle is the gear shifting not being smooth. This can be frustrating and hinder the overall riding experience. However, there are solutions to address this issue. One possible solution is to check and adjust the clutch cable tension, as improper tension can affect the smoothness of gear shifting

. Additionally, ensuring proper lubrication of the gear shift mechanism can also help in achieving smoother gear shifts. Regular maintenance and periodic inspections can prevent this problem from occurring frequently.

4. Weak Acceleration In High Gears

One common issue faced by Janus motorcycles is weak acceleration in high gears. Various factors, such as low brake fluid levels, suspension issues, or improper engine oil, can cause this. To solve this problem, it is important to regularly check and maintain the brake fluid levels,

ensure that the suspension components are in good condition, and use the recommended engine oil for optimal performance. By addressing these issues, riders can experience improved acceleration in high gears on their Janus motorcycles.

5. Never Lasting Brakes And Engine Not Starting

Never Lasting Brakes And Engine Not Starting

One common problem that Janus motorcycles may encounter is never-lasting brakes. This could be due to worn-out brake pads or malfunctioning brake callipers. Regular inspection and timely replacement of brake pads can help maintain optimal braking performance.

Additionally, checking and cleaning the brake callipers can ensure proper functioning. Another issue that riders may face is an engine that won’t start. This could be caused by a faulty clutch plate or a problem with the clutch. Regular maintenance and replacing the clutch plate when necessary can help resolve this issue.

Maintenance Tips To Prevent Problems On Janus Motorcycle

Maintenance Tips To Prevent Problems On Janus Motorcycle

Regular maintenance is crucial to keep your Janus motorcycle running smoothly. Make sure to check the balance shaft regularly to ensure proper engine performance. Pay attention to the dry weight of your bike to maintain optimal handling. If you have a Chinese engine, follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for maintenance and servicing.

Don’t forget to inspect and maintain the rear suspension to ensure a comfortable ride. Keep the fuel container or gas tank clean and free from debris to prevent fuel system issues. By following these tips, you can enjoy hassle-free rides on your modern Janus motorcycle.


Janus motorcycles are known for their classic design and reliable performance. However, like any vehicle, they may experience issues that can be frustrating for the rider. By following the steps on how to fix Janus Motorcycle Problems, one can effectively troubleshoot and fix common Janus motorcycle problems.

It is important for riders to regularly maintain their bikes and address any issues promptly in order to ensure a safe and enjoyable riding experience. It is important to regularly check and service the bike, as well as address any issues promptly to avoid further complications. With a little knowledge and patience, Janus motorcycle owners can keep their beloved machines running smoothly for years to come.


1.How Do You Fix A Motorcycle That Won’t Start?

Ans: To fix a motorcycle that won’t start, start by checking the battery for charge and connections. If the battery is fine, check for a spark by removing the spark plug and grounding it against the engine while turning over the motor.

2.Why Is My Motorcycle Push Start Not Working?

Ans: There could be several reasons why your motorcycle push start is not working. It could be due to a faulty ignition switch, a dead battery, a problem with the starter motor, or a loose connection.

3.How Do I Know If Something Is Wrong With My Motorcycle?

Ans: To determine if something is wrong with your motorcycle, pay attention to any unusual noises, vibrations, or changes in performance. Check for leaks, inspect the tires for wear, and ensure all lights and indicators are functioning properly.

4.Why Did My Motorcycle Die While Riding?

Ans: There could be several reasons why your motorcycle died while riding. It could be due to a fuel issue, such as a clogged fuel line or a problem with the carburettor. It could also be an electrical problem, such as a faulty ignition switch or a dead battery.

5.Why Does My Motorcycle Suddenly Shut Down?

Ans: There could be several reasons why your motorcycle suddenly shuts down. It could be due to a malfunctioning ignition system, a clogged fuel filter or carburettor, an electrical issue, or a problem with the fuel pump.

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