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The Honda NT700V problems, also known as the Deauville, is popular among riders looking for a versatile and reliable motorcycle. Its comfortable ride, ample storage space, and sporty design have gained a loyal following among commuters and adventure-seekers. However, like any other vehicle, the NT700V has flaws.

Here, we will delve into some of the most common issues owners have reported with this bike. From gear and fuel pump problems to comfort and exhaust issues, we will cover a range of concerns that may arise when riding model. We will also explore more serious and potentially dangerous problems, such as electrical issues and faulty external latches.

By the end of this article, readers will better understand the potential pitfalls of owning a Honda NT700V and will be equipped with the knowledge to address these problems should they occur. So, whether you are a fan of commuter bikes or a lover of sports bikes, keep reading to learn more about the common issues faced by Honda NT700V owners.

Honda Nt700v Problems

About Honda Nt700v Motorcycle

About Honda Nt700v Motorcycle

The Honda NT700V motorcycle is a versatile and reliable choice for your daily ride. Its engine reliability & comfortable seating offer both style and comfort.  Its heavy bike build and impressive 680cc engine offer a smooth and comfortable ride quality.

The fuel economy of the NT700V is commendable, making it an economical option for those long rides. Equipped with the ABS model, it enhances safety on the road. The engine reliability and overall impression of NT700 with ABS model make it a desirable choice for riders seeking both performance and peace of mind.

Specification Details
Engine 680cc liquid-cooled, 52-degree V-twin
Power 64 horsepower @ 8,000 rpm
Torque 68 Nm @ 6,250 rpm
Fuel System PGM-FI (Programmed Fuel Injection)
Transmission 5-speed with overdrive
Front Suspension 41mm telescopic fork, 115mm travel
Rear Suspension Single shock, 120mm travel
Brakes Dual 296mm discs (front), single 276mm disc (rear)
ABS Optional
Tires 120/70ZR17 (front), 150/70ZR17 (rear)
Seat Height 805mm
Fuel Capacity 19 liters
Weight 250 kg
Length 2,225mm
Width 795mm
Height 1,345mm


  1. Electric starter
  2. Digital fuel injection
  3. Rear mono-shock suspension
  4. Twin shocks
  5.  Fully adjustable preload-adjustable upside-down fork
  6. Dual discs at front and rear for braking
  7. Single disc at the front
  8. Great fuel efficiency


  • Comfortable riding position
  • Efficient fuel consumption
  • Ample storage space
  • Smooth handling
  • Versatile performance


  • Limited off-road capabilities
  • Higher maintenance costs

Common Honda NT700V Problems And Their Expected Solutions

Common Honda NT700V Problems And Their Expected Solutions

The Honda NT700V is a popular motorcycle with many fans. The NT700V features an air-cooled, overhead-valve, 732cc engine with a single camshaft and two valves per cylinder. It has a 6-speed transmission, shaft drive, and suspension with fully adjustable preload and damping adjustments.

However, it is not immune to the problems that plague other motorcycles. You need to inform yourself about the known issues of this bike before you ride it to prevent any hiccups on the road. Here are some of the Common Honda NT700V problems and their expected solutions:

Engine Issues

Harsh conditions or lack of proper maintenance can damage this bike’s engine. A damaged engine can cause reduced performance and make it harder for you to ride your bike. There are a few cases where the bike has stopped for no apparent reason.

It could be a technical issue or a battery or ignition system fault. In these instances, you should have it checked by a mechanic as soon as possible. It would be best to have your mechanic inspect your bike every time after riding through inclement weather to ensure it operates at its best capacity.

Transmission And Clutch Problems

Transmission And Clutch Problems

One common problem that Honda NT700V owners may encounter is related to the transmission and clutch. Some riders have reported issues with the transmission not shifting smoothly or experiencing slipping. To address this problem, it is recommended to have the clutch and transmission system inspected by a certified mechanic.

Other minor issues that have been reported include faulty spark plug covers and spark plug caps, which can be replaced to ensure the engine’s proper functioning. Lastly, some riders have experienced a loose brake stopper bolt, which can be fixed by tightening it properly. Proper maintenance and timely repairs can easily resolve these issues that may occur with the Honda Impression NT700.

Worn Water Pump Seals

One common problem that Honda NT700V owners may encounter is worn water pump seals. This can result in coolant leaking from the engine, which can cause overheating and potential engine damage. If you notice coolant pooling under your bike or a loss of coolant blend, it’s important to have the water pump seals inspected and replaced if necessary.

Other potential issues to be aware of include flat feet syndrome, where riders may experience discomfort due to the bike’s flat-footed design, as well as issues with the fuel pump issue and cold exhaust pipe. It’s always recommended to consult with a qualified mechanic for proper diagnosis and solutions to these problems.

Electrical System Problems

Electrical System Problems

Electrical system problems, like battery drain and faulty wiring, can be frustrating and affect a vehicle’s functionality. Quick battery drainage can leave you stranded, so it’s important to troubleshoot the issue. Possible causes include a malfunctioning alternator, faulty voltage regulator, or parasitic draw.

A thorough inspection and diagnostic tools can help identify the root cause. Another common problem is faulty wiring, which can impact performance and safety. Issues like intermittent power loss, malfunctioning lights, or system failure can occur. Taking proactive steps to address these problems is essential for a well-functioning electrical system.

Coolant Leaking From Hose Clamp

The coolant Leak from the hose clamp problem is common in the Honda NT700V motorcycle. When the Coolant leaks from the hose clamp, it can cause damage to the engine case and pipes. Worn water pump seals can also cause coolant to leak from the hose clamp.

To address this problem, we recommend inspecting the hose clamp for any signs of damage or looseness. If necessary, tighten the clamp or replace it with a new one to ensure a secure connection. Regularly checking and maintaining the coolant system can help prevent this issue and keep your Honda NT700V running smoothly.

Incorrect Tire Pressure Labels

Incorrect Tire Pressure Labels

The tire information label contained the wrong tire size and air pressure specifications. This can result in riders inadvertently inflating their tires beyond the recommended limits, affecting handling and tire wear. To address this issue, Honda issued corrected tire information labels to restore accurate tire information to all NT700V models. Additionally, it instructed dealerships to replace the incorrect labels for free. Here are some steps you can take to resolve this problem:

  • Check the correct tire pressure.
  • Adjust the tire pressure.
  • Replace incorrect labels
  • Perform regular maintenance

Failing Spark Plug Covers

Honda released a Technical Service Bulletin in Dec 2010 to address the issue of failing spark plug covers. Symptoms of a failing spark plug cover on the NT700V include engine stalling and dying when hot, trouble starting when hot, engine misfiring when hot, engine backfiring when hot, engine flooding when hot, and a pungent smell of fuel.

Ensuring the new spark plug covers are high quality and compatible with the Honda NT700V model is important. Regular maintenance and inspection of the spark plug covers can help prevent this problem from occurring in the future.

Best Practices For Maintaining Your Honda Nt700v

Best Practices For Maintaining Your Honda Nt700v

When maintaining your Honda NT700V, follow these tips for smooth running and optimum performance. Regularly check the oil levels to prevent overheating and dirty oil. Replace the battery every 6-7 years to avoid failure and extend its life.

Consider installing a cruise control system for easier long-distance trips, maintaining a steady speed without constant throttle adjustments. Keep your bike well-stocked with accessories for customization and an enhanced riding experience.

  • Regular oil changes
  • Keep tires properly inflated
  • Clean and lubricate the chain regularly
  • Check and replace air filters as needed
  • Maintain proper coolant levels
  • Inspect and replace brake pads when worn
  • Clean and polish the exterior regularly
  • Check and replace spark plugs as recommended
  • Keep the battery charged and clean


While the Honda NT700V problems may have its fair share of issues, it is important to note that every motorcycle has problems. It is always recommended to thoroughly research and test a bike before purchasing. Despite its flaws, the NT700V offers a comfortable and reliable ride for those seeking a mid-range touring bike.

However, like any other motorcycle, it does face specific issues you should be aware of if you own one. The Honda mentioned above NT700V problems can be easily solved by taking care of the basics, such as maintaining the oil and changing the air filter. You can also opt for motorcycle GPS devices to ensure maximum safety on the road.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.Is Honda NT700V Fuel-Injected?

Ans: Yes, the Honda NT700V is fuel-injected. It is a touring motorcycle that offers a comfortable riding experience. In terms of types of bikes, there are various categories, such as sport bikes, cruisers, adventure bikes, and more, each designed for different riding styles and purposes.

2.What Is The Service Interval For A Honda NT700V?

Ans: Honda typically recommends a service interval for the NT700V motorcycle every 4,000 miles or every 6 months, whichever comes first. It is important to consult the owner’s manual or contact a Honda dealership for the most accurate and up-to-date information.

3.Is The Honda Deauville Reliable?

Ans: Yes, people generally consider Honda Deauville motorcycles to be reliable. Riders who prioritize reliability in their motorcycle know them for their durability and longevity, making them a popular choice.

4.What Replaced Honda Deauville 700?

Ans: The Honda Deauville 700 was replaced by the Honda NC750X, which offers improved performance, fuel efficiency, and updated features for a more enjoyable riding experience.

5.How Many Miles Per Gallon Does A Honda Deauville 700 Get?

Ans: The Honda Deauville 700 typically gets around 50 miles per gallon (mpg), although the mileage may vary depending on driving conditions and individual riding habits.

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