Hagon Shocks Review: The Ultimate Guide

When upgrading your motorcycle’s suspension, many options are available in the market. However, finding the right set of Hagon shocks that offers the perfect balance between performance and comfort can be a daunting task.

This is where the Hagon shocks come into play. Hagon has been a trusted name in the motorcycle suspension industry for over 30 years, offering high-quality aftermarket shocks that cater to the needs of every rider. From improving the handling and stability of your bike to enhancing the overall riding experience, Hagon shocks deliver exceptional results.

Here, we will be taking an in-depth look at the various features and benefits of Hagon shocks, including its innovative fork springs, adjustable shock spring rate, rebound damping, remote preload adjuster, and more. Let’s dive into exploring a comprehensive Hagon Shocks review.

Hagon Shocks Review

About Hagon Shocks

About Hagon Shocks

Hagon Shocks is a well-known manufacturer of high-quality motorcycle suspension components. They offer a wide range of shocks that are designed to enhance the performance, comfort, and handling of motorcycles. With their progressive fork springs, Hagon Shocks provide an improvement over stock suspension, making a huge difference in the overall riding experience.

Hagon Shocks, known for their expertise and innovation in suspension technology, have been in the industry for several decades. They offer various shock options for different riding styles, preferences, and motorcycle types.

The shocks are designed using the latest technology and highest quality materials, undergoing rigorous testing for performance and durability. With their excellent damping characteristics, Hagon Shocks provide a smooth and controlled ride, even in rough terrain. Installing Hagon Shocks is a breeze as they are typically direct replacements for original equipment shocks.

Hagon Shocks Review – Why Upgrade Your Shock Absorbers?

Hagon Shocks Review - Why Upgrade Your Shock Absorbers

It’s important to read the Hagon shocks review and know why to upgrade your shock absorbers. Investing in high-quality shock absorbers like Hagon shocks can enhance your motorcycle’s handling and stability, reduce fatigue during long rides, and elevate your overall riding experience. Customizability and cost-effectiveness make Hagon shocks a top choice for upgrading your motorcycle.

Upgrading your shock absorbers can greatly improve your motorcycle’s overall performance. Hagon shocks are a popular choice among riders looking to improve their suspension. Upgrading to these high-quality shocks includes better handling, improved stability, and increased comfort on rough roads.

Hagon shocks are designed to absorb more energy than stock shocks, which means they can handle heavier loads and provide a smoother ride.

Features Of Hagon Shocks

Features Of Hagon Shocks

Enhancing your motorcycle’s handling and stability is crucial for a comfortable ride. That’s where upgrading your shock absorbers comes in handy. Hagon shocks provide superior quality and customizable options to meet every rider’s needs, ensuring the perfect fit for their riding style. These shocks also help reduce rider fatigue during long rides, making them an invaluable investment.

  • Adjustable Damping
  • Nitrogen Gas Charged
  • Twin Tube Design
  • Hard Chrome Plated Piston Rods
  • Progressive Spring Rate
  • Rebuildable Design
  • Preload Adjustment

Performance And Ride Quality

Upgrading your shock absorbers to Hagon shocks can significantly improve both the performance and ride quality of your motorcycle. The Hagon shocks are designed with features such as a black spring that provides smoother and more controlled compression and rebound.

Additionally, the use of a lighter spring can help to reduce unsprung weight, resulting in improved handling and responsiveness. With adjustable ride height options, you can also customize your bike’s stance to suit your preferences. Overall, upgrading to Hagon shocks can provide a noticeable improvement in ride comfort and stability compared to the factory ride.

User Reviews And Testimonials

Hagon Shocks has received rave reviews from users who have upgraded their shock absorbers. Many users have praised the quick adjustment feature, which allows for easy customization based on individual riding preferences. Users have also appreciated the professional advice provided by Hagon shocks, as it ensures that they are getting the right shocks for their specific needs.

In terms of design, Hagon shocks are popular for their durability and performance, providing a smooth and comfortable ride. Additionally, users have reported improved rear brake control and stability when carrying light loads.

Installation And Maintenance Of Hagon Shocks

Installation And Maintenance Of Hagon Shocks

Installing and maintaining Hagon shocks is a vital part of ensuring the safety and performance of your motorcycle. Hagon shocks are designed to provide reliable suspension and damping, which can greatly improve your riding experience.

When installing Hagon shocks, following the manufacturer’s instructions carefully is important to ensure they are properly installed and adjusted for your specific motorcycle. Regular maintenance is also essential for the longevity and optimal performance of your Hagon shocks.

This includes regular inspection of the shocks for wear and damage and routine cleaning and lubrication. It is recommended that you have a professional mechanic perform any necessary adjustments or repairs to ensure that your Hagon shocks are functioning at their best. Following proper installation and maintenance procedures, you can enjoy a smoother ride and greater control on the road with Hagon shocks.

How Hagon Shocks Improve Your Riding Experience

How Hagon Shocks Improve Your Riding Experience 

Hagon shocks can improve your riding experience in a number of ways. First and foremost, they provide better handling and stability on the road thanks to their superior damping and rebound characteristics.

This means you’ll be able to navigate corners more smoothly and with greater confidence, even at higher speeds. Hagon Shocks are also designed to absorb more shock and vibration from the road than stock shocks, reducing fatigue and discomfort during long rides.

Hagon shocks come in various styles and configurations, allowing you to customize your ride to suit your specific needs and preferences. Whether you’re looking for better performance on the track or simply a more comfortable ride on the road, Hagon shocks are an excellent choice for any rider looking to take their motorcycle experience to the next level.

Types Of Hagon Shocks Available With Bullet

Hagon Shocks is a renowned manufacturer of high-quality motorcycle suspension systems, offering a wide range of shock absorbers to cater to the diverse needs of riders. Regarding choosing the right shock for your motorcycle, Hagon Shocks provides an extensive selection of options that guarantee superior performance, durability, and comfort. Here are some of the types of Hagon Shocks available:

  • Hagon nitro rear shock
  • Hagon road shock
  • Hagon classic shock
  • Hagon tracker shock
  • Hagon touring shock
  • Hagon adventure shock
  • Hagon sport shock
  • Hagon progressive shock
  • Hagon twin shock
  • Hagon monoshock

Tips For Purchasing The Right Hagon Shocks For Your Bike

 Tips For Purchasing The Right Hagon Shocks For Your Bike 

When upgrading your shock absorbers, Hagon shocks is a trusted brand that offers high-quality products for motorcycles. Following these tips below, you can ensure that you purchase the right Hagon shocks for your bike, enhancing its performance and improving your riding experience. Here are some tips to help you purchase the right Hagon shocks for your bike:

  • Determine your bike’s specific needs.
  • Research compatibility
  • Consider adjustable options
  • Read customer reviews
  • Consult a professional

How To Choose The Right Hagon Shock Absorber For Your Thruxton

How To Choose The Right Hagon Shock Absorber For Your Thruxton

When upgrading your shock absorbers, Hagon shocks is a brand that offers high-quality options for motorcycle enthusiasts. If you own a Triumph Thruxton and are looking to improve your riding experience, choosing the right Hagon shock absorber is essential. Here are some key factors to consider when selecting the perfect shock absorber for your Thruxton:

Determine your bike’s specific needs, taking into account its weight and intended use. Then, research the compatibility of various Hagon models with your bike’s make and model. Consider adjustable options that allow you to customize your suspension settings.

Don’t forget to read customer reviews to get an idea of the performance and durability of the shock absorbers. And if you’re unsure about your decision, it’s always a good idea to consult a professional for expert advice.

Installing Hagon Shocks On Your Bonneville

Investing in quality rear shocks is crucial for bikers who want to enhance their riding experience. The UK-made Hagon shocks are a popular choice among riders for their durability and adjustability that allows for a smoother ride, even with luggage or a pillion passenger.

Its rebound and compression damping setup significantly improves handling and stability while reducing the impact of bumps on the road. With options for different riding styles, upgrading to new Hagon shocks is good value for money and easy to install with the included wrench. Experience the difference yourself today.

Testing And Adjusting Your Hagon Shocks

After upgrading to new Hagon shocks, testing and adjusting them for optimal performance is important. Experiment with different setups to see how your shocks handle environments such as bumpy roads or sharp turns. Once you’ve found a comfortable level of control, utilize the adjustable features like damping, rebound, preload, and compression settings to enhance your experience further.

Setting up the rear shock is key for better handling and stability at high speeds. Hagon shocks offer good value, whether commuting or hitting long distances with luggage or a pillion rider onboard. Their adjustability allows for easy customization based on your riding style.

Hagon Shocks Vs Other Aftermarket Brands

Hagon Shocks Vs Other Aftermarket Brands

If you’re looking for high-quality aftermarket rear suspension for your motorcycle, Hagon shocks are an excellent choice. Manufactured in the UK with attention to detail, these rear shocks offer superior adjustability and handling compared to aftermarket brands like Ohlins or Ikon. With Hagon shocks, you can customize your ride to suit your riding style or easily add extra luggage.

Their superior damping and compression make them ideal for riders who want a smoother ride over bumps while maintaining good handling on curves. Overall, Hagon Shocks provides good value for its price point and consistently receives high customer ratings worldwide.

Comparing Hagon Twin Shocks To Other Brands

Comparing Hagon twin shocks to other aftermarket brands is important when choosing the right suspension for your motorcycle. With adjustable damping and spring preload, the Hagon twin shocks offer customizability for riders looking to improve their handling over bumps and through corners.

Along with their high-quality build and durable construction. A 2-year warranty backs these shocks for added peace of mind. When considering options like Ohlins, Ikon or Progressive Suspension. Hagon Twin Shocks provide good value while maintaining excellent adjustability without compromising quality.

Where To Buy Authentic Hagon Shock Absorbers

Where To Buy Authentic Hagon Shock Absorbers

When searching for authentic Hagon shock absorbers, keeping a few key factors in mind is crucial. Always buy from authorized dealers or the manufacturer’s website to ensure you get the real deal. Take the time to compare prices and shipping options, and consider looking for dealers that offer installation services or can recommend trusted mechanics in your area. These steps will help guarantee you get quality shocks at a good value without any headaches.


Hagon shocks are the perfect upgrade if you’re looking to improve your motorcycle’s handling, stability, and overall ride quality. With their custom-built shock absorbers, Hagon shocks offer a great balance of comfort and performance that other aftermarket brands cannot match.

After reading this Hagon shocks review, it is clear that Hagon shocks are a high-quality and reliable option for those in need of motorcycle suspension upgrades. The attention to detail and dedication to performance make these shocks a great investment for riders looking to improve their overall riding experience.

Research and find the right fit for your specific bike model to try Hagon shocks. With Hagon shocks, you can expect a smoother ride and improved handling on the road or track.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where Are Hagon Shocks Made?

Hagon shocks, renowned for their exceptional quality and performance, have been proudly manufactured in the United Kingdom for several decades. Hagon shocks are made in the United Kingdom.

Are Hagon Shocks Adjustable?

Hagon shocks are adjustable, allowing you to customize the ride and handling of your motorcycle. The damping can be adjusted to suit your preferences and riding conditions.

Are Hagon Shocks Rebuildable?

Yes, Hagon shocks are rebuildable. They are designed to be disassembled and serviced, allowing for the replacement of worn-out parts and maintenance to ensure optimal performance and longevity.

What Are The Best Type Of Shocks?

The best type of shock depends on the specific vehicle and its intended use. Some popular options include monotube shocks, twin-tube shocks, and adjustable shocks. It is recommended to consult with a professional or refer to the vehicle manufacturer’s guidelines for the best choice.

How Long Do Shocks Last?

The lifespan of shocks can vary depending on various factors, such as driving conditions, vehicle usage, and maintenance. On average, shocks can last anywhere from 50,000 to 100,000 miles before they may need to be replaced.

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